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Native american, CORAL SLEEPING BEAUTY TURQUOISE charms bench bead bracelet


Stunning Vintage Coral with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise nuggets.. All of these Vintage settings are firm and. Made with authentic, high grade stones and a combination of 925 and. 999 sterling silver pieces. Beautiful and Vintage Navajo made charms adorn this work of art. 1970 ish Native, hand made pieces! All sterling silver, ready to wear […]

Native Southwest Charms sleeping beauty Turquoise stmpd Bench Beads Sterling

Arms adorn this spectacular. This beauty is some of the finest turquoise. Such incredible saturation, and vivid color. There is no truer blue than the sleeping beauty. Found in Globe Arizona. This beautiful specimen has a dark matrix, not usually seen. Native American Hand made sterling silver. Bench made beads that are stamped. Most of […]