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Museum Vintage Navajo’yeibichai Old Sleeping Beauty Turquoise’ Silver Necklace

Vintage and Museum Quality Specialists. Vintage and Museum Quality. This is an astonishing Navajo museum quality silver and turquoise necklace. This piece contains five absolutely incredible Yei Bi Chei figures. Look at the thick and sturdy silver ling chain. Resting on each Yei Bi Chei figure are incredible dome shaped blue turquoise stones appearing to […]

Museum Vintage Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Silver Thomas Singer Silver Buckle-wow

The vibrant Old Kingman turquoise stone is horizontally set across the front of this awesome silver buckle, as deep set overlay geometric designs emanate from it in an oval fashion. This convex surface buckle has a unique rectangular hand wrought border design. The center stone measures around 7/8″ x 1/2″. Signed by Navajo artist, Tommy […]

Museum Long And Big Vintage Navajo Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Silver Necklace

The Rarest, The Best, The Source. Vintage and Museum Quality. This is an impressive vintage Navajo huge silver and turquoise necklace. This piece contains two outstanding and colossal hand carved silver feathers that hang from the bottom. The entire bottom pendant measures around 2-3/4″ X 1-5/8″. This necklace includes 7 fabulous old Sleeping Beauty turquoise […]

Museum Vintage Navajo Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Silver Squash Blossom Necklace

This is a magnificent vintage Navajo museum quality silver squash blossom necklace. This piece contains a phenomenal collection of old Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones. This is definitely a nice sized piece. This necklace contains 20 fabulous turquoise stones that each measure around 3/4″ X 1/2″. This necklace contains 14 fascinating silver squashes and marvelous 2-1/2″ […]

Museum Vintage Navajo Old Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Sterling Silver Necklace

This is a marvelous vintage Navajo silver necklace. With ten floating turquoise and silver beads surrounded with silver rope and a hand stamped border, the huge teardrop shape pendant of this impressive necklace measures about 2″ x 1-5/8″ long. The two matching attached side stations each have seven turquoise stones and matching motif, as they’re […]

Museum Sterling Santo Domingo Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Heishi Necklace SIGNED

Fabulous handmade Santo Domingo necklace. 10 strands of beautiful Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Just that perfect true turquoise color that is so highly sought after since the Sleeping Beauty mine is now closed. Smooth and slinky style heishi beads with elongated silver end cones that resemble eagle talons. The end cones are signed with what appears […]